Design My name is Rhys Jones and since May 1998 I've been an IT contractor in the UK, mostly within the enterprise financial services sector. Originally focussed on SQL Server development, now working across the full software development lifecycle on the Microsoft stack using C#/.Net and SQL Server as my primary tools. 

keyboard_682052_88998798_.jpg My approach to solution design and development is to keep it simple. This is one of the principles from the Agile Manifesto "the art of maximizing the amount of work not done". These days it's all too easy to jump on the latest bandwagon, choose another framework, add another package, but more code is not necessarily better. 

I like to think about the full software lifecycle from requirements through to operation at the start of the process, not afterwards. I prefer robust and reliable over clever and shiny. I'm hands-on and want to stay that way to a degree, and straight-talking and always will be.

This website is a place for various bits of code and notes collected over the years. Mostly quite old now but some pages such as the T/SQL Haversine implementation and the up-to-date list of English bank holidays are quite popular :)

I don't do social media but if you want to know a bit more about where I've worked then look me up on LinkedIn. StackOverflow is a useful resource so I've made a point of giving back there.

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