Convert Hex String To VarBinary

This function converts a hexadecimal string (i.e. 0x010A020B) to it's varbinary equivalent value. This is a reasonably fast implementation. For an alternative, but slower, XQuery based alternative, see Converting from hex string to varbinary and vice versa on the SQL Server Engine Tips blog.

The function returns null for an invalid input, i.e. any non-hex characters found. The function will left pad the input with a leading zero if an odd number of hex characters are supplied, either upper or lower case hex characters are permitted, and finally, a leading hex designator (0x) is optional.

SQL Server includes an undocumented system function sys.fn_varbintohexstr (dbo.fn_varbintohexstr in SQL Server 2000) to perform the reverse conversion, but no equivalent to the function here. SQL Server 2008 now supports this conversion natively in the CONVERT function.

This function is suitable for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 as well as SQL Server 2000 (just remove the RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT function option).


create function dbo.udf_HexStrToVarBin(@hexstr varchar(8000)) returns varbinary(4000) with returns null on null input
** Convert a hex string to it's varbinary equivalent value.
** Returns null on an invalid hex string input.

   declare @len int
   declare @pos int
   declare @d1 tinyint
   declare @d2 tinyint
   declare @value binary(1)
   declare @result varbinary(4000)

   -- Ensure we're working with lowercase hex characters.
   set @hexstr = lower(@hexstr)

   -- Remove the leading hex designator (0x) if it's there.
   if (substring(@hexstr, 1, 2) = '0x')
      set @hexstr = substring(@hexstr,3,8000)

   -- Ensure we have an even number of hex digits.
   if (len(@hexstr) % 2 = 1)
      set @hexstr = '0' + @hexstr

   -- Initialise working variables.
   set @result = 0x 
   set @pos = 1
   set @len = len(@hexstr) 

   -- Loop over string and build binary value.
   while @pos < @len
      set @d1 = ascii(substring(@hexstr, @pos, 1))
      set @d2 = ascii(substring(@hexstr, @pos + 1, 1))

      if (@d1 not between 48 and 57 and @d1 not between 97 and 102) or
         (@d2 not between 48 and 57 and @d2 not between 97 and 102) return null

      set @value = 16 * (@d1 - case when @d1 < 58 then 48 else 87 end)
                      + (@d2 - case when @d2 < 58 then 48 else 87 end)

      set @result = @result + @value
      set @pos = @pos + 2

   return @result

-- Basic tests/examples.

print 'Start of tests'

print 'Valid test with 0x0102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f;'
print dbo.udf_HexStrToVarBin('0x0102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f')
print 'Valid test with 0x102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f0;'
print dbo.udf_HexStrToVarBin('0x102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f0')
print 'Valid test with 0xf1e2d3c4b5a69788796a5b4c3d2e1f;'
print dbo.udf_HexStrToVarBin('0xf1e2d3c4b5a69788796a5b4c3d2e1f')

print 'Invalid test with 0x0102030z;'
print dbo.udf_HexStrToVarBin('0x0102030z')

print 'End of tests'
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